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The Benefits of U C MAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic Training


  • Human’s brain can be divided into six parts: Cerebrum, cerebrum in between, cerebellum, centre cerebrum, bridge cerebrum and medulla oblongata. Centre cerebrum, bridge cerebrum and medulla Oblongata are usually called Cerebrum trunk. Cerebrum is the most complicated part in nervous system and is the organ for psychology activities.

    Human’s cerebrum is divided into left and right hemisphere. The research of psychology indicates that the shape of the two hemispheres is similar but the function is different.
    The left hemisphere has close relation with language ability and thinking activities and has the function of language, abstract thought and logical thinking.
    The right hemisphere is concerned with object thinking such as image and shape and has the function of model identification, shape sense, creative thought and intuition.

    Most people consider that the function of the left hemisphere is prevailing over that of the right hemisphere but physiologists and psychologists generally consider that the potential of the right hemisphere needs to be exploited. The ideal method is to identically use the both hemisphere, let the left hemisphere co – ordinate with the right hemisphere or the right hemisphere influence the left hemisphere to make the two hemispheres coordinating each other.

    Albert Einstein, the world famous scientist and thinker, shocked the scientific community when he proposed the “Theory of Relativity. “ By using the creativity and imagination of the right hemisphere, he pictured out the interaction of time and space in his mind and overcame the limitation of the three dimensions. At the same time, he also uses deduction and logic of the left hemisphere to prove and ascertain the scientific and mathematical value of these theories.

    Therefore, when both the left and right hemisphere cerebrum of the brain are combined and used effectively together, the results could be astonishing.

    Moreover, when we look around us and see numerous and varied user friendly products, medical discoveries and many other technological wonders, we would have no doubt that they are made possible only by endless application of the combined powers of the brain.

    Although cerebrum has its huge potentiality, Scientists believe that human are only utilizing 5 – 10% of the cerebrum functions. In other words more than 90 – 95 % of it is not being utilized. That is why the method on how to cultivate and utilize potentiality of cerebrum has becoming more and more important. 

    Psychologists found that there are two ways to make the left and right hemisphere of cerebrum to function equal, thus the two hemispheres can be utilized equally and ideally.
    One is pondering. This will restrains cerebrum activities and improves the communication between two hemispheres and makes the right hemisphere as functional as the left one.
    Second is through training. While it focuses on developing practical technique relating to the right hemisphere.

    U C MAS Mental Arithmetic by image of Zhusuan (Abacus calculation) is the concrete reflection of the two methods mentioned. Because of the potentiality of two hemispheres activities and adaptability of U C MAS Mental Arithmetic with image of Zhusuan (Abacus Calculation), we can say that exercising and applying U C MAS Mental Arithmetic by image of Zhusuan (Abacus Calculation) is an effective way of developing and utilizing cerebrum’s potentiality.

    U C MAS Mental Arithmetic by image of Zhusuan (Abacus Calculation) is a calculation method by relying on the function of human’s brain and utilizing object image of abacus beads in brain through sense perception , imagination and memory, imitating Zhusuan ( Abacus calculation ) method to complete changing pattern of numbers in mind . It is on the basis of Zhusuan, from Zhusuan and over zhusuan.

    Some may think that Abacus is a primitive method of calculation. If so, then one should change the way of thinking. Abacus is a result of scientific art handed down from 5,000 years of human life.

    It is impossible to think about seeing, listening, understanding and judgement, reasoning and imagination without the concept of figures. We easily think about calculations of large and sizeable figures but there are  lots of calculations of small figures around us which are not needed to use calculators , only to use mental arithmetic, our brain calculations or in other words, the activities of human brain.

    There are a few methods used during the training of U C MAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic course.

    1. Visualisation skill training
    2. Flash Card skill training
    3. Listening skill training
    4. Magic Bar


    Through the U C MAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic training,

    1. Concentration of mind can be achieved. In order to imagine the abacus and its changes in mind, one should concentrate on his attention in imagination.
    2. Enhance the memory power. In order to keep the shape of the changed abacus beads repeatedly, it will enhance the function of memory power.
    3. Improve reasoning, judgments, application and observation power. As the way of figure expression on abacus is so simple and clear comparing with other calculations, it is easy to compare and judge the figures. Repeated supplement calculation provide us with improvement of reasoning, judgments, observation and application power.
    4. Improve the ability of calculation .Abacus is easy to learn and to adapt the way of calculation. As long as we improve the speed of calculation, the concentration of mind is enlarged and the accuracy is also improved. With the ability of calculations improved, one would not be afraid of mathematics subject anymore. This will eventually take away the “phobia” of mathematics in them. As we all know “Mathematics is the foundation to all sciences and calculation is the root to mathematical principles.

    There is a saying that “The man who is doing well in mathematics has a good brain.” The man who has a talent in a sense of mathematics shows his ability in doing other jobs effective and economically. We should know that educational effect from the mathematics help to smooth the activities of human brain.

    Regarding the 5 distinctive remarks, we can say that those are standard features to access the capability of human brain. Therefore, we should consider U C MAS Abacus & Mental Arithmetic as a good tool for the development of human brain.